Soundscapes Inspiration
Collection is inspired by techno / electro dance music and culture. Sound translated into form, colour, texture and motion. At present stage, our evolution humanity is still facing many deep problems and also has side effects from industrialisation. Although this is felt in painful disbalances, there are aspects of urban life that fascinate. Electricity is a natural force that we transformed into higher dimensions like substance to light. Artificial light sources, communication, music are those things that symbolise us for what we are, transformers between earth and cosmos. The City lights print choosen for this outfit is inspired by Plastikman / a.k.a. Richie Hawtin’s music. Extremely electronic his sound is almost without vocals, often described as, ‘microhouse’ or ‘glichtechno’. As another polarity, music of Darren Emerson is the core of funk, joyous, flowing impecably mixed. Collective is inspiring point for this underwater atmosphere design. Phenomenon and world of it’s own within techno / electro music, ‘Underworld’, is the perfect musical fusion of man and machine. Beautiful poetry of Karl Hyde found an absolute mould in electronic, but intensely emotionally charged, music of Rick Smith, this highly abstracted, dadaistic, mantric use of language allows us to sink again and again into their numbers experiencing them always a new and different as the mind movie repeats but changes. Although the poetry covers the whole spectrum of human emotions from very dark to bright light, the rhythm, the ever going underlying flow, symbolically stands for those most natural, motivating, noble forces, for will for life and betterment.