Dark Star fashion is inspired by all aspects of life. World of nature,
archetypes, numbers, motives of urban life, music and art. Dark Star
creates its own textile prints chosing fabrics supportive of the environment,
[organic cotton or synthetics] and animals, [plastic and synthetic alternatives
to leather and fur].
Dark Star is the fashion and textiles designer, illustrator and freelance artist Ivona Batuta
(bachelor of design, Gerrit Rietveld Academie , Amsterdam, 2005).
image by Daimon Xanthopoulos

Fake Fur Real Love


Portrait of artist Vali Meyers and Foxy


Bont voor Dieren organized a designers competition for a new,
animal friendly coat for Amanda from the ‘Golden Cage’ TV show.
Above the winning design.


Organic Cotton

Baby hoodie in organic cotton fleece &
organic cotton “Sound Plate” application

Hoodied short sleeve mans top, hoodied sleevless
womans top, leggings & shirt. All in organic cotton
with Dark Star prints

Printed plastic corset lined in organic cotton flanel
and an organic cotton flanel flower shirt

Organic cotton bra & shirt

Organic cotton top and asymmetrical skirt printed in UV colors

Organic cotton poplin “Crow” dress

Organic cotton flanel top, bondage connection to organic
cotton top and plastic skirt

Organic cotton flanel skirt with plastic asymmetrical corset,
lined in organic cotton, and plastic jacket lined in organic cotton
with organic cotton structural sleeves